pátek 28. prosince 2018

A vision

"I am tired of the future," she whispered and a tear fell down her cheek. She whivered as the cold air was approaching her skin covered only by summer dress.

Who wears a summer dress in the end of december, you could ask...

She wore it because he liked the way she looked in it.

"Oh, you are wearing this nice dress," he'd always say and then hug her and kiss her and then most probably he'd make love to her in the innocent, téměř dětským způsobem, který mu byl tolik vlastní.
Její kluk, ne muž.

She scared him. She knew he had no idea what to do, she felt his confusion in the air as he sat on her couch, right behind her, however, too far to be able to read over her shoulder.
She felt a big, odd feeling inside her chest, building up like an orgasm builds up when he kisses her under her bellybutton and then continues downwards... But this was like a mental orgasm, and she had no idea how to stop it and turn to him and comfort him with a relieved smile, she couldn't stop, so she sat and kept pushing the keys on the keyboard of her computer, one after another, one after another, untill whole sentences have been written in front of her and she finally hadd nothing else to say.

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