středa 26. prosince 2018


just saw the movie
awesome Robin Williams and great Robert De Niro

whilst watching it, I had a hunch
a brutal feeling something bad happened
I called my Mom
she didn't pick up
my heart dropped
I lit a cigarette at the backyard of my work
I called my little brother
(who is no longer little and gave me best Xmas presents this year)
he picked up saying

godness gratious
this is a prayer
even though I have no idea how you work
I have no idea, if it will have any effect
I have no idea, if you even fucking exist in the version I was speaking to


this is a prayer
to anybody listening
Dear universe
keep my loved ones safe
make their journey safe
let them return home allright
let me spend more time with them

I love them
and I just realised again
I would miss them like hell

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