neděle 6. ledna 2019

Fucked up... To the bone

She was sitting at her desk watching To the bone, when she heard his naked feet on the carpet that was to light and full of stains already. He asked her colleague to go smoke first, then he came to her.

"You goin'?" he asked.
She nodded, grabbed her cigarettes and the green lighter with a long flame.

They were standing at the window in the relaxroom, watching lights of a big car dealership company. He complained about not being able to fall asleep in the last couple of weeks.
She remembered the time he slept over at her place. Him whispering "I have trouble going to sleep in strange places, so... Just go to sleep."

She shivered.
"Bloody cold," he said.

She stepped closer to him, he wrapped his arm around her hips.
Nothing else.

"I am fucked up," she said as she threw the cigarette butt on the ground two floors under them.
"Tell me about it."

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