úterý 8. ledna 2019

Who do I see when I look at my father - a poem attempt

Who do you see when you look at your father?
Why am I asking?
It's my father's birthday.
He's few years past the Answer.
His hair's white and he's slowly growing old.
How do I know he's growing old?
He's growing wise, too.

When I look at him, I see my heroes.
Aragorn, who devoted his love to one and only woman.
Hawkeye Pierce, who hated war and only wished to help others.
My math teacher, who looks like Chuck Norris and taught me more about life than about mathematics - and he taught me hell lot of maths.

Yes, it's the beard and the fact that my father's hair has been salt and pepper ever since I can remember.
Also, it's courage.
It's wisdom.
It's the endless hope that we can change the world for the better.
It's the respect he shows me when I come home
(unless I forget to uload the dishwasher)
It's the fact he never gave up on me
It's the fact he loves me even though I made my own way to life
(and I tell you, it's nothing like what he imagined for me)

So here I am
sobbing like a three year old
preparing to leave and go to my parents' place
preparing as if it was the most important thing in my life
well it is
and he's the most important man in my life

Happy birthday, Dad
I love you

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